The History of Palmistry

palm readingPalmistry is a science and an art of reading signs from the lines located on palms of a hand. It was created in ancient India and quickly spread to Egypt, and then Europe. Palmistry was met with both admiration and skepticism ever since it came to life. It was studied by numerous ancient minds along with astrology, and has been developed throughout the history of the world.

Psalmists were banned early on

During the Dark Ages it was banned and prosecuted in Europe, along with other spiritual practices. Practitioners of palmistry were judged and prosecuted as devil worshipers, and had to resort to hiding and taking refuge in order to continue developing their art. When the prosecution ended and the world entered a more enlightened period, palmistry flourished, as it does today.

The reason for success of palmistry is the fact that everyone yearns to finds the answers to hidden mysteries and truths about themselves. Palmistry has the potential to discover psychological states, truths about a character and hidden signs of health status of a certain individual. It can reach deep into one’s soul and reveal truths that could be hidden in there for ages.

The palms reveal traits

Numerous doctors and psychologists from around the globe say that palms of the hand can reveal traits of one’s character and both the state of physical and mental health. Palmists combine intuition, spirituality and the reading of the palm of a hand in order to reveal these secrets. Palms of the hand, much like a person’s character, change over the years and provide subtle signs of numerous characteristics and conditions.

We live in great times for palmistry today because palmists are readily available at all times. Where before it was hard to find an expert palmist, and only certain neighborhoods had access to them, now we can contact palmists by phone, email, or Skype and schedule a meeting in no time. Palmists will go through a large amount of intricate steps in order to interpret the lines on your palm. The conclusions they draw will provide you with foresight to the future, current condition and the state of your mind and body.

The dominant hand

Palmists read from both hands and draw different conclusions from them. The dominant hand is known as the birth hand in the palmist community and the palmist will usually take a look at it first. They interpret lines and apply the knowledge they have been gaining for a long time in order to provide you with answers or with the peace of mind.

Every palm is different and every person has different lines that showcase character and state of mental and physical health. People rely on palmists to help them improve different aspects of their lives, whether it is family life, face, relationship or financial well-being. Palmistry is a now classified as a branch of science and is a viable way to gain insight into your own condition.

Palms are like windows to peer through

With every palm there is a different story, and each palm changes over time. Palms are like a window through which a skilled palmists can see large amounts of useful information. Numerous world leaders and celebrities use palmists and attribute their skill and expertise to their own success. Palmists can quickly provide information that you can use to generally improve the quality of your own life. Palmistry in the past was only available to those who happened to live next to a palmist. Sometimes courts and different institutions employed a palmist in order to help with expert readings, but it was usually a thing of being fortunate enough to live near a palmist who can provide a reading.

Today we have more access to palmists than ever before. Not only can you easily obtain the address you need to get to if you want to visit a palmists, it is possible to communicate with them and schedule a visit.  Some palmists even make home visits, and remote appointments are a possibility as well. Because of this we are living in a very favorable era for all who appreciate palmistry. Getting a reading is easy and the world is filled with expert palmists who are ready to take a look at your hand and point out the condition of your body and your mind.