What Is Telepathy?

telepathyTelepathy is one of the most well known, researched and coveted psychic abilities around. We’ve all watched superhero movies where one of the protagonists can read minds and often wished that we could do the same. But what do we really know about the very real gift of telepathy outside of the glamorised movie portrayal? Well, in its most basic form, telepathy is simply the ability to read a person’s thoughts, or to communicate with another individual without using sound, body language or visual cues. On the face of it, being able to read the minds of the people around you is a very attractive prospect indeed.

Can anyone be Telepathic?

There are two kinds of telepath, the natural telepath and learned telepath. Natural telepaths are born with the ability to read minds and/or to communicate mentally. Usually, natural telepaths discover their abilities to some degree at a young age. Young minds are more susceptible to psychic abilities as the capacity for logical thought hasn’t yet developed; this allows the mind to accept the information it is receiving without questioning what, how and why it is receiving it. The earlier a natural telepath recognises their ability to read someone else’s mind, the easier the process of using the ability will be in their adult life.

Learned telepaths are psychics that teach themselves to read minds and communicate mentally by opening up their subconscious mind to another person’s aura and channeling that energy. This technique is referred to as “aural parallelization” and can be extremely difficult to master as it requires the psychic to tune into and match a specific aura to be able to access another individual’s inner thoughts. Aural parallelization can be extremely draining on a psychic and many opt not to attempt to obtain the gift at all.

Although you can be born with or learn telepathy, there are still a few different forms of the ability.

Synchronous Telepathy

Synchronous telepathy is the most widely known form of telepathy, which is where the psychic can tap directly into a person’s mind to read (or hear) the person’s thoughts directly. This is usually done in passing, much like True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse.

Latent Telepathy

Latent telepathy is the method in which a psychic can receive direct messages from a person’s mind. Latent telepathy is not as instantaneous as synchronous telepathy; the individual has to concentrate on and project a single thought or message so the telepaths ability to “hear” it tends to take time. Of course it only takes a few seconds for a message to travel from one person to the psychic, and this form of telepathy can be disturbed by outside interference such as noise, electronic frequencies and weather conditions.

Emotional Telepathy

Emotional telepathy is the method in which a psychic can send or receive an emotional message from another person. Emotional telepathy relies on feelings and sensations as opposed to mental images and words like the others methods do. Some experts believe that emotional telepathy is closely linked with psychic empathy as both abilities are centred on the sharing of emotions.

The most appealing and interesting thing about telepathy is that once one method is mastered, the others are close to follow because the basic premise of each form is so similar.

How can I develop my Telepathic Ability?

The single most important thing to do when developing telepathy (as with any form of psychic ability) is to recognize and accept that you can do it. Once you accept that you indeed have a psychic ability like telepathy, you can begin to use it. The next step is to research, research, and research some more.

The best way to develop telepathy is to understand exactly what it is that you’re developing; once you learn what telepathy is on a deeper level, you can begin to make progress with your talent for it. You must dedicate your time to learning about telepathy before you can dedicate your time to practicing it. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of meditation. Meditation will always be the foundation for the development of any psychic ability. Once you master the art of meditation, you will be able to build the foundations of telepathy upon it.