Psychics, Fortune Tellers, and Mediums – What’s The Difference?

psychic mediumHave you ever wondered about the difference between a psychic, a medium and a fortune teller? Most people believe that all three of them are the same. However, this is not true. There are differences and it is important to be able to distinguish between them so you can know who you might like to see.

First, understand that a person can be both a psychic and a medium. However, not all psychics are mediums and not all mediums are psychics. It is not necessary for a psychic to be able to possess mediumship. Many time’s psychics are just simply psychics that read peoples’ energy, but do not communicate with the dead.

Psychics and mediums

Psychics are essentially those who believe that they possess multiple supernatural talents or senses. It is said that psychics are able to peer into a crystal ball and are able to see your future or know certain things about you. They may also be able to discern various things about you using a deck of tarot cards. Basically, they are people who can see the past, present, and future. They can answer questions and can also offer advice to their clients about things like their client’s health, money and love.

Some psychics even claim to be telekinetic, and they believe that they are able to move objects with their minds. Psychics have abilities that allow them to read an aura and to gain knowledge about the person’s past and present experiences. It also allows them to predict the future to a certain extent.

Telepathy is another one of the abilities that most psychics possess. According to them, each and every person living in this world is capable of possessing some sort or extent of supernatural abilities.

The differences between mediums and psychics

Mediums are different from psychics as mediums are said to be able to communicate with the deceased. Their ability can span both the physical and the spiritual worlds. There are many famous mediums that are able to communicate with the dead, and these types of seers are generally appreciated by the general public.

Mediums are like channels between the spirit world and the physical world we live in. They allow the spirits to inspire them and then they communicate with them with thoughts, and symbols and feelings. The medium then later conveys these messages to the client. These messages are basically proof of life after death, something that many religions also support. This is another reason to why many people find it easier to believe in mediums rather than psychics and fortune tellers.

Mediums use different techniques. These techniques include clairvoyance, which is basically seeing beyond the normal senses, clairaudience which is the ability of hearing beyond the normal senses, and lastly clairsentience, an ability to know about the emotional and physical states of people or items. Mediums who are clairsentience can also gather information from houses and buildings they’ve never been in before by feeling energies.

Both psychics and mediums require tools and the tools they use are different as well. Psychics usually work with items like tarot cards, palms, and astrological charts and they basically have no standard set of practices. Mediums, on the other hand, usually convey descriptions of information or images drawn on paper that are provided to them by spirits and this information is private and has to do with the client.

How to differentiate between psychics and fortune tellers?

A fortune teller, on the other hand, differs from both psychics and mediums. Fortune tellers basically tell you what they think you want to hear from them just to please you. Fortune tellers usually lay down heavy predictions and sometimes even bad news.

There are methods through which you can differentiate between a psychic and a fortuneteller. A true psychic never tries to impress its customers with a conversation about the New Age jargon. This includes some terminologies that you might not be able to understand at all.

True psychics often let their clients know how much research, study, observation and practice they have done in order to develop the skills they have, whereas a fortuneteller might avoid the question and say he or she was born with it.

A lot of times fortune tellers will try and take your money. They’ll say that they sense an evil curse on you which they can remove if paid a hefty amount. Compared to real psychics and mediums, fortunetellers like to play games and scare their clients for cash.

It’s always wise to do your homework before going to a psychic or medium, and steer clear of fortune tellers. If you’re not sure, ask for references or ask your friends or family for referrals.