Common Crystal Therapies To Help Healing

crystal healingGemstones are considered to be unique and beautiful rocks and almost everyone has their own preferred gemstone. There are many different gemstones available, as you might prefer a ruby, garnet, topaz, or an opal. Usually, we see these gemstones added to rings and pendants and other sorts of jewelry pieces. However, this is not the only sole purpose of these gemstones. In fact, these beautiful rocks are also used for crystal therapy as well.

Crystal therapy or gemstone therapy is basically the application of these crystals and gemstones to help foster healing in someone who is ill. These rocks are said to help in balancing and healing one’s body, mind, and soul. These rocks and gemstones are believed to have spiritual healing powers and properties and therefore they can be used in order to treat one from various physical, emotional, or mental ailments.

You must believe in them

You can wear these crystals in order to experience their healing properties or you could place them somewhere where you can feel their healing vibrations. Crystal elixirs can also be made by simply soaking the crystal in a glass of water for a couple of hours. However, in order to experience their healing properties, you must believe in the fact that these crystals and gemstones are capable of healing you.

As they say, only those who believe are able to witness it. Gemstones and crystals house spiritual properties that can be tapped in a variety of ways. There are many healers out there who practice these crystal therapies on their clients as well. Many times these healers place the rocks on the client’s reclined body. This is done in order to balance the chakras and the aura of the individual to bring balance in their life.

Each stone has its own unique property!

While doctors and scientist have difficulty in believing in the healing properties of crystals, many people agree to the fact that this method of healing does work. These therapies date back to at least 6,000 years ago and were used by the ancient Egyptians to heal sick people.  What you must understand is that each rock has its own unique properties. The color, the texture, and the shape of these stones all have some sort of special meaning to it.

Calcite is basically calcium carbonate, and calcium is the main constituent of the skeletal system.  Therefore, this particular rock is often used for mending the fractures of bones. Hematite is an iron oxide, and since iron helps to maintain red blood cells in the body and aids in oxygenating the blood, hematite is used to treat anemia along with other circulatory problems. Malachite is mainly copper and therefore it is used to reduce inflammation and for treating illnesses such as osteoarthritis.

Some common therapies include:

One of the most common crystal therapies includes meditation. It is believed that these gemstones and crystals call out to you. If you feel attracted to a particular stone, then it might be meant for you. Holding gemstones or a crystal while you meditate can help in relaxing the mind, soul, and body.

Another most common crystal therapy is color therapy.  This therapy uses the vibrational frequency of colors to make changes and to rebalance the body. The client is either asked to wear some certain colors of clothing, or is made to sit in a dark room with a light box, and is then made to bathe in a particular color of light for a particular period of time. Crystals are chosen according to the color.

For example, if the client happens to be suffering from an intestinal problem then the corresponding color would be orange and a carnelian can be used to treat this problem. An amethyst is also said to be to be beneficial for intestines. Meanwhile, the green aventurine is for the heart and the yellow topaz helps to provide mental clarity.

The simplest form of crystal therapy is to sleep with these rocks right beside you. Having an aragonite, quartz, amethyst, and copper placed right beside you, while you happen to have a jade under your pillow will surely help you out. These crystals are said to control the energy flow in and out of the body and keeping these rocks with you the entire time can help keep your mind at peace. These crystal therapies are preferred by many people who wish to get themselves healed in a natural way.